STEP Solutions

Eventually I hope to have solutions to all STEP papers from 1994 onwards here. But this will take a while so currently I only have what is linked below! Last update 30/03/2024.

These solutions are my own work, but I have used Stephen Siklos’ two excellent booklets and also the solutions posted by contributors to The Student Room for checking, and also hints when I have been stuck! Please do let you know if you find any mistakes which I would be pleased to correct!

STEP allowed the use of calculators prior to 1997.

STEP I 1994 Solutions
STEP I 1994 Comments
STEP II 1994 Solutions
STEP II 1994 Comments
STEP III 1994 Solutions
STEP III 1994 Comments
STEP I 1995 Solutions
STEP I 1995 Comments
STEP II 1995 Solutions
STEP II 1995 Comments
STEP III 1995 Solutions
STEP III 1995 Comments
STEP I 1996 Solutions
STEP I 1996 Comments
STEP II 1996 Solutions
STEP II 1996 Comments
STEP III 1996 Solutions
STEP III 1996 Comments
STEP I 1997 Solutions
STEP I 1997 Comments
STEP II 1997 Solutions
STEP II 1997 Comments
STEP III 1997 Solutions
STEP III 1997 Comments
STEP I 1998 Solutions
STEP I 1998 Comments
STEP II 1998 Solutions
STEP II 1998 Comments
STEP III 1998 Solutions
STEP III 1998 Comments
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